Thursday, February 14, 2008

Life is Beautiful

If there is one thing that a pure born and bred Gujarati relishes more than his fafda, jalebis, undhiyu and reliance shares combined, its the festival of Uttarayan. And for all of us here in Hyderabad, saying that being away from our roots on this day was a traumatic experience is putting it mildly. As the reinvented saying goes "You can take a Gujarati out of Gujarat but not Gujarat out of a Gujarati".
So yesterday all of us from Gujarat got together and celebrated Uttarayan at a friend's place. After a lot of noise and very few kite flying experiences we settled down for lunch and some for a much sought after post lunch siesta. After that we visited snow world.
The city of Hyderabad is built around the magnificent Hussain Sagar lake. The very well developed and maintained lakeside attracts hordes of locals and tourists on most days and more so on holidays. Snow world is another tourist attraction akin to a huge refrigerator where sub zero degree temperatures are maintained alongside the production of loads of snow and games which add to the fun. And fun was what the thirty two of us had in loads. Hitting each other with ice balls, going down the slopes of and dancing in the ice to the tunes of Kajra re.
Reminiscing back home wid sore backs and behinds, we were tired but satiated. Life presently is beautiful. Loads of fun, friends and masti. Movies and out bounds and eating out every day. Life is picture perfect. Am looking forward to becoming fitter and travelling around Hyderabad and making new friends and doing more of reading, writing and photography. Am not a sceptic and yet have failed to unravel the order amidst this chaos. Am living life in the moment. And enjoying it. But the big picture irks me nonetheless. How long without a purpose, without a want, a burning desire for success? Or should it be how long till I change my parameters for success?

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