Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hyderabad Blues

After spending the last few years of my predominantly uneventful life, travelling in different cities, the "blues" article has become a regular feature of my blogs. Its nice to dissect and discern the different cities that I travel to and gain an insight into, not only the city but my perception of my surroundings there.
Six of us disembarked the Satyam train, alongwith a host of fellow Satyamites, all of us temporary migrants to the Telugu town of Hyderabad. Unsure of a halt by the train we had started hauling out our luggage on the platform long before it stopped. Consequently by the time all of us disembarked, our luggage adorned half the length of the Begumpet platform. And that was the beginning.
Its been exactly one month and eight days and two invaluable kilos of body mass in Hyderabad and each day has been a day of celebration. Celebrating our successes, our failures, celebrating the loss of a roof over our heads, celebrating the loss of a companion, celebrating our new homes and our new friends, celebrating a journey so topsy turvy that we smile through our tears.
Hyderabad is a city that owes a lot to its administrators and unlike Mumbai its for all the good that they have done for the city. A very well developed and even better maintained city with inhabitants who possess the laidback attitude of a small city and the cosmopolitan culture of a big one. This optimism also stems from the fact that my last sojourn was Mumbai during monsoon.
Summarising, I luv the place and the city and am looking forward to moving out of its hospitals which have become my favourite weekend hangouts to exploring it in its entirety.

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